Issue Tracker

Issue Author Sort descending ID Assigned Status
Lack of typing of XML attributes in schema Anonymous 3 Josef Kaltwasser Fixed
Packages lacking definition tag Anonymous 18 Fixed
vmsTextLineLanguage uses incorrect datatype Anonymous 40 Fixed
Datex II Deployed Nodes website incorrect Anonymous 229 Submitted
MeasuredData & ElaboratedData fault structure incomplete Anonymous 30 Fixed
References to Catalogues and Filters Anonymous 32 Fixed
test issue for mail subscription check Anonymous 197 Closed
Unused Data Types Anonymous 43 Fixed
Datex II v2.3 PIM unreadable in Enterprise Architect v7 Anonymous 169 Closed
Alert-C location referencing: documentation bug Anonymous 133 Loïc Blaive Active
Obstruction to vision Anonymous 210 Joerg Freudenstein Needs work
Restrict AngleInDegrees to 0 to 359 Anonymous 14 Josef Kaltwasser Fixed
Misspelling in DATEXIISchema_2_2_3 with definitions.xsd Anonymous 216 iancornwell Fixed
CLI for tool to convert selection file and XMI into XSD Anonymous 214 Submitted
Selection changes when switching through tabs. Anonymous 12 jaderberg Fixed
Measured Data Publication: Introduce Individual Vehicle data on Individual Vehicle Measurement Fabrizio.Paoletti 77 Josef Kaltwasser Fixed
Location Referencing: documentation and specification Inconsistency about country code ccd Fabrizio.Paoletti 201 Submitted
Delivery related attributes in Situation Publication Fabrizio.Paoletti 88 iancornwell Fixed
Planned situation records management Fabrizio.Paoletti 89 iancornwell Fixed
generic heavyVehicle count for real time accidents Fabrizio.Paoletti 90 iancornwell Fixed
temporary alternating one-way road / lane / carriageway Fabrizio.Paoletti 231 Submitted
Optimization for Validity Period definition Fabrizio.Paoletti 109 Josef Kaltwasser Won't fix
Measured Data Publication optimization Fabrizio.Paoletti 76 Josef Kaltwasser Fixed
presenceOfRedTriangle in VmsPictogram class Fabrizio.Paoletti 64 Fabrizio.Paoletti Fixed
Variable Font management on VMS Fabrizio.Paoletti 65 Fabrizio.Paoletti Fixed
feedType and feedDescription in PayloadPublication Fabrizio.Paoletti 84 Josef Kaltwasser Fixed
Destination specification for advisory Entry/Exit without Itinerary detail specification Fabrizio.Paoletti 225 iancornwell Fixed
Alert C Location Referencing for Linear and Point Fabrizio.Paoletti 204 iancornwell Fixed
Situation Payload requirements Fabrizio.Paoletti 118 Josef Kaltwasser Fixed
VMS Publication - Lantern Status Fabrizio.Paoletti 127 iancornwell Fixed
VMS Publication - Pictogram List Fabrizio.Paoletti 128 iancornwell Needs decision
NotManagedCause requirements Fabrizio.Paoletti 117 iancornwell Fixed
VmsFault and VmsUnitFault lack in Dictionary Fabrizio.Paoletti 66 Invalid
ReroutingManagement Class: definition or modeling lacks Fabrizio.Paoletti 226 Postponed
Information Owner / Resposable Organization Fabrizio.Paoletti 172 iancornwell Fixed
I copy a bug report from the forum: Unhandled Exception in the D2Conversion tool Josef Kaltwasser 17 jaderberg Closed
UML 2 upgrade Josef Kaltwasser 9 Josef Kaltwasser Fixed
More complete service definition for WS / SOAP exchange required Josef Kaltwasser 8 carlos.costa Needs work
Missing literal 'motorhome' in VehicleTypeEnum Josef Kaltwasser 71 iancornwell Fixed
Modular schema mapping preferred Josef Kaltwasser 7 Josef Kaltwasser By design
Can't deselct classes referred to by a UML qualifier Josef Kaltwasser 23 Josef Kaltwasser Fixed
Inconsistncy between Methdololgy and tool/generated schema Josef Kaltwasser 24 jaderberg Fixed
Multiple instances of uniqueness constraints Josef Kaltwasser 47 jaderberg Fixed
Requirment missing to ensure unique namespaces Josef Kaltwasser 232 Josef Kaltwasser Active
Incorrect Enumeration Types Josef Kaltwasser 6 iancornwell Fixed
Typos in descirption of Extension mechanism Josef Kaltwasser 41 Josef Kaltwasser Closed
Unknown UMP Profile property namespaceUri Josef Kaltwasser 233 Josef Kaltwasser Active
Qualifier mapping of tool differs from spec Josef Kaltwasser 10 Josef Kaltwasser Closed
Qualifier mapping generates redundant XML elements Josef Kaltwasser 11 jaderberg By design
Can the DATEX II schema be made availabl in a referencable way? Josef Kaltwasser 13 Josef Kaltwasser Fixed
Name clash possible for cross-extension scenario Josef Kaltwasser 83 Josef Kaltwasser Fixed
PoorEnvironmentTypeEnummixing up concepts Josef Kaltwasser 122 Josef Kaltwasser Won't fix
Missing mapping of extension tagged values jeopardises backwards compatibility Josef Kaltwasser 81 jaderberg Needs work
Registration metadata for profiles Josef Kaltwasser 80 Josef Kaltwasser Fixed
Version of tool must be removed from namespace Josef Kaltwasser 79 Josef Kaltwasser Fixed
Relate rules of methodology to the concept of profiles Josef Kaltwasser 78 Josef Kaltwasser Closed
Issues with PositionConfidenceElipse Josef Kaltwasser 234 iancornwell Submitted
Remove platform dependent content from platform independent section Josef Kaltwasser 63 Josef Kaltwasser Closed
Version number "2" ambiguous Josef Kaltwasser 62 Josef Kaltwasser Closed
Naming convention should be less restrictive for enumeration literals Josef Kaltwasser 33 Josef Kaltwasser Won't fix
The top level structure is awkward and the top level class is incorrectly named Josef Kaltwasser 4 Josef Kaltwasser Fixed
Resotriction of multiplicity range in subschema generation required Josef Kaltwasser 48 jaderberg Fixed
Difference between aggregations and compositions oscure Josef Kaltwasser 193 Josef Kaltwasser Fixed
Inconsistent use of term "subscription" in documentation Josef Kaltwasser 21 Josef Kaltwasser Needs work
UML qualifiers not mentioned in main section of prEN 16157-1 Josef Kaltwasser 230 Josef Kaltwasser Active
It should be possible to (de-)select enumeration literals when creating a subschema Josef Kaltwasser 34 jaderberg Fixed
Vehicle classification seems inconsistent Josef Kaltwasser 35 iancornwell Fixed
Incorrect mandatory use of exchange structures in payload Josef Kaltwasser 42 iancornwell Fixed
Awkward douible use of UML Generalization feature Josef Kaltwasser 37 Josef Kaltwasser Fixed
travelTimeDelay missing Josef Kaltwasser 100 Josef Kaltwasser Fixed
Is it impossible to exchange DATEX II level C? Josef Kaltwasser 5 jaderberg Active
Bad name for top level package Josef Kaltwasser 61 Josef Kaltwasser Fixed
Definition for association end instead of association Josef Kaltwasser 60 Josef Kaltwasser Won't fix
Use of "source" and "target" Josef Kaltwasser 59 Josef Kaltwasser Closed
Use UML metamodel includes a class "DataType" Josef Kaltwasser 58 Josef Kaltwasser Fixed
global uniqueness unnecessarily restrictive Josef Kaltwasser 57 Josef Kaltwasser Fixed
Will two level B extended system crash when being connected to eachother? Josef Kaltwasser 56 Josef Kaltwasser Duplicate
No way to reuse external namespaces (and their objects) in schema mapping Josef Kaltwasser 129 Josef Kaltwasser Fixed
Export DD based on selection jaderberg 110 jaderberg Fixed
Selection feature deselects wrong jaderberg 213 jaderberg Fixed
Road blocked jaderberg 105 Josef Kaltwasser Won't fix
Bug generating schema from DD jaderberg 99 jaderberg Fixed
Restrictions jaderberg 206 Needs work
Export DD does not contain all datatypes jaderberg 164 jaderberg Fixed
Temperature definitions jaderberg 150 iancornwell Fixed
Linear by coordinates jaderberg 173 Loïc Blaive Fixed
Use of untyped references jaderberg 131 Josef Kaltwasser Closed
Problem related to selection and loading new model jaderberg 130 jaderberg Fixed
Revise the Location referencing systems included jaderberg 174 iancornwell Fixed
Verify that the model A has model has not been changed jaderberg 157 jaderberg Ready to commit
carriagway requiered jaderberg 175 iancornwell Duplicate
Friction jaderberg 176 iancornwell Fixed
Support for bicycle jaderberg 205 iancornwell Fixed
Selection feature jaderberg 163 jaderberg Fixed
Extension attributes missing jaderberg 19 jaderberg Fixed
Problems generating schema with deselected extensions jaderberg 50 jaderberg Fixed
Enhanced exclude feature when generating DD jaderberg 51 jaderberg Fixed
Constraint problem jaderberg 52 jaderberg Fixed
Selection feature crashes jaderberg 53 jaderberg Fixed
Changing prefix jaderberg 54 jaderberg
GenericSitutionRecord is abstract jaderberg 55 Josef Kaltwasser Fixed
Wrong originalCode jaderberg 72 Fixed
carriageway requiered jaderberg 73 iancornwell Fixed
Loading selection jaderberg 49 jaderberg Fixed
Support for build numbers jaderberg 25 jaderberg Fixed
Selection feature bug with multiple extensions jaderberg 20 Fixed
Wrong naming convention in extension jaderberg 27 jaderberg Fixed
Changes related to CEN, Editorial changes jaderberg 28 Fixed
Tool changes related to CEN editorial changes jaderberg 29 jaderberg Fixed
MeasuredData and MeasurementEquipmentFault jaderberg 38 Fixed
ElaboratedData and RoadSurfaceCondition jaderberg 39 Fixed
Word Export of DD issues jaderberg 36 jaderberg Fixed
Extension tagged value missing value jaderberg 46 jaderberg Fixed
Version and namespace jaderberg 82 jaderberg Fixed
Schema name read from configuration is not requiered jaderberg 98 jaderberg Fixed
Extending enumerations jaderberg 92 Josef Kaltwasser Fixed
Generate DD based on Selection jaderberg 224 Submitted
Addings to The MeasuredDataPublication model (Traffic) Loïc Blaive 102 Josef Kaltwasser Needs work
Replacement of VMS Pictogram enumerations Loïc Blaive 196 Needs work
Using schema generation tool with Windows 10 Loïc Blaive 212 jaderberg Closed
Changing the "Point " class name Loïc Blaive 188 iancornwell Fixed
Changing the "AffectedCarriagewayAndLanes" class name Loïc Blaive 186 iancornwell Fixed
Renaming the PredefinedLocationContainer class Loïc Blaive 185 iancornwell Fixed
Addings to The MeasuredDataPublication model (Weather) Loïc Blaive 101 Josef Kaltwasser Fixed
Changing the "directionBound" attribute name Loïc Blaive 187 iancornwell Fixed
Location is a subclass of a GroupOfLocations Loïc Blaive 183 iancornwell Fixed
Inconsistency between two realisations of the same location Loïc Blaive 182 Loïc Blaive Needs work
Renaming the GroupOfLocations class Loïc Blaive 184 iancornwell Duplicate
Ambiguous definition of headway Loïc Blaive 103 Josef Kaltwasser Fixed
Location referencing: possibility to associate several location referencing systems for one location Loïc Blaive 75 Josef Kaltwasser By design
UML profile association - issues related to EA iancornwell 227 Josef Kaltwasser Postponed
WeekOfMonthEnum is ambiguous iancornwell 228 iancornwell Submitted
DurationTime does not make sense iancornwell 115 Josef Kaltwasser Fixed
floatingPointMetreDistance is verbose iancornwell 114 Josef Kaltwasser
Restriction on generalisation across Level A / extension boundary - consider or clarify implication iancornwell 222 Josef Kaltwasser Active
venue of public event iancornwell 223 Fixed
measurementOrCalculatedTimePrecision is a poor name iancornwell 112 Josef Kaltwasser Fixed
clarify meaning of travel time iancornwell 111 Josef Kaltwasser Fixed
BasicData description has a minor fault iancornwell 113 Josef Kaltwasser Fixed
tool integration bard 143 jaderberg Needs work
Compartimentise the model to the publications bard 189 Josef Kaltwasser Fixed
placesAtWhichApplicable should be in GroupOfLocation bard 161 iancornwell Fixed
residualLaneWidth is missing bard 166 iancornwell Fixed
in ReroutingManagement signed rerouting is a boolean, but the sign cannot be provided bard 167 iancornwell Fixed
subjectTypeOfWorks misses some literals esp. for urban use bard 168 iancornwell Fixed
support for references to situations not in the same subsription bard 177 iancornwell Fixed
the list of unmanaged cause typeEnum misses a lot of literals bard 178 iancornwell Fixed
Name and Definition Group of Locations not consistent with underlying model bard 141 iancornwell Fixed
versioned reference is not always desired bard 142 Fixed
LocationContained in Itierry cardinality in schema different from definition bard 139 iancornwell Fixed
GroupOfLocation model does not allow OpenLRlinear by defitiion bard 138 Fixed
support a mechanism to manage unique extensionnames bard 145 Fabrizio.Paoletti Submitted
revise list of countrys in the enumeration bard 147 iancornwell Fixed
use visibility tag in EA as profileindication bard 158 jaderberg Needs work
elements attibutes datatypes etc related to Acts, Laws etc be made visible bard 144 Josef Kaltwasser Fixed
Standardize extension to VmsPictogram paalaas 219 Fixed
ConstructionWorkType should be mandatory Joerg Freudenstein 207 iancornwell Fixed
Unused data types Joerg Freudenstein 203 Fixed
Error in definition of KilogramsConcentrationValue Joerg Freudenstein 215 iancornwell Fixed
DATEX Tool and Windows 10 Joerg Freudenstein 199 jaderberg Closed
Literal 'convoyService' Joerg Freudenstein 220 iancornwell Fixed
Definition: Literal suspended Joerg Freudenstein 208 Joerg Freudenstein Closed
VMS issues Joerg Freudenstein 191 Fabrizio.Paoletti Submitted
Tagged Value Target Class missing Joerg Freudenstein 202 iancornwell Submitted
Validation problem for extensions in version 2.3 Joerg Freudenstein 190 Josef Kaltwasser Fixed
Default language in Payload Publication Joerg Freudenstein 211 jaderberg By design
New Tagged Value for Profile core component sets and Tool support for this Joerg Freudenstein 194 jaderberg Needs decision
Confusing DTD line in XMI files Joerg Freudenstein 195 jaderberg Won't fix
Website requirements Joerg Freudenstein 198 Submitted
VMS pictogram enumerations Joerg Freudenstein 192 Fabrizio.Paoletti Submitted
Severity and roadworks scale Joerg Freudenstein 218 iancornwell Fixed
Duration of roadworks - strange thresholds Joerg Freudenstein 217 iancornwell Fixed
SpeedPercentile Joerg Freudenstein 209 iancornwell Fixed
Literal for "People throwing things on the road" Joerg Freudenstein 181 iancornwell Fixed
Aquaplaning Joerg Freudenstein 180 Joerg Freudenstein Submitted
Conversion Tool: Bugs in Selection Tree Joerg Freudenstein jaderberg Fixed
Multiple use of ISO 19148 georeference method Joerg Freudenstein 93 iancornwell Fixed
Error in DATEX Tool Joerg Freudenstein 94 jaderberg Fixed
Time for deseleting enumeration literals is immense Joerg Freudenstein 95 jaderberg Fixed
Modification of Multiplicities and Enumeration literals without effect Joerg Freudenstein 96 jaderberg Fixed
Multiplicity change of required attribute Joerg Freudenstein 97 jaderberg Fixed
Even more weather related data Joerg Freudenstein 104 Josef Kaltwasser Won't fix
New literal for DirectionEnum Joerg Freudenstein 106 iancornwell Fixed
temporarySpeedLimit for OperatorAction Joerg Freudenstein 107 Josef Kaltwasser By design
Proposal for mobile VMS attributes Joerg Freudenstein 108 Josef Kaltwasser Fixed
Country codes in uppercase Joerg Freudenstein 116 Josef Kaltwasser Fixed
DATEX Tool crashes on huge models Joerg Freudenstein 119 jaderberg Fixed
Usage of two-alpha language codes Joerg Freudenstein 91 Josef Kaltwasser Fixed
New Enterprise Architect versions cause problem - XMI export of qualifiers Joerg Freudenstein 87 jaderberg Fixed
Conversion Tool: Crash when saving selection Joerg Freudenstein jaderberg Fixed
New attribute 'train' for vehicleType Joerg Freudenstein 26 Needs work
MeasuredDataPublication cannot be used for more than one MeasurementSiteTable Joerg Freudenstein 44 Josef Kaltwasser Fixed
Warnings when creating RC2 schema Joerg Freudenstein 45 Fixed
Mandatory Enumaration without literal 'other' Joerg Freudenstein 67 Josef Kaltwasser Won't fix
Superclass DataValue not accessible Joerg Freudenstein 68 jaderberg Fixed
Ambiguity when using postfix "Extension" Joerg Freudenstein 69 Josef Kaltwasser Fixed
Invalid schema when deselecting Level B extension Joerg Freudenstein 70 jaderberg Duplicate
Definition of Destination Joerg Freudenstein 74 Fixed
PredifinedItinerary defines a lot of PredefinedLocations Joerg Freudenstein 85 iancornwell Fixed
Tagged Value "Order" can cause XMI-error Joerg Freudenstein 86 jaderberg Fixed
Schema availability when using namespace Joerg Freudenstein 120 Fabrizio.Paoletti Fixed
Wrong schema version in example files Joerg Freudenstein 121 jaderberg Active
Definition of TPEC LOC height Joerg Freudenstein 153 iancornwell Fixed
RoadName, roadNumber Joerg Freudenstein 154 iancornwell Fixed
bearing Joerg Freudenstein 155 iancornwell Fixed
Unused Enumeration DataClassEnum Joerg Freudenstein 156 Fixed
Country Enum entries Joerg Freudenstein 159 iancornwell Fixed
Country problem Joerg Freudenstein 160 iancornwell Fixed
Standardisation of GenericPublication Joerg Freudenstein 162 Josef Kaltwasser Fixed
Deselecting qualified relations fails Joerg Freudenstein 165 jaderberg Fixed
Parking: Imporvements on definitions Joerg Freudenstein 170 iancornwell Fixed
Parking: Issues for version 3.0 and technical note Joerg Freudenstein 171 iancornwell Submitted
VehicleCharacteristics for TrafficElements Joerg Freudenstein 179 iancornwell Won't fix
Remove country enumeration Joerg Freudenstein 152 Joerg Freudenstein Closed
Useless class "TimePeriodOfDay" Joerg Freudenstein 151 iancornwell Fixed
Dictionary tailored to profile Joerg Freudenstein 149 Submitted
Additional LoadType literals Joerg Freudenstein 123 iancornwell Fixed
Facets for profiles Joerg Freudenstein 124 jaderberg Fixed
Definition of accuracy Joerg Freudenstein 125 iancornwell Fixed
Saving a selection does not work correct Joerg Freudenstein 126 jaderberg Fixed
Selection Problem with DATEX Tool Joerg Freudenstein 132 jaderberg Closed
Tool crashes on three classes Joerg Freudenstein 134 jaderberg Fixed
Visibility of strucutes in the tree which are not directly connected Joerg Freudenstein 135 jaderberg Fixed
International System of Units Joerg Freudenstein 137 Josef Kaltwasser Fixed
Typo Joerg Freudenstein 140 iancornwell Fixed
Using Constrictions / OCL Joerg Freudenstein 146 Josef Kaltwasser Postponed
Model inconsistent (weather related) Joerg Freudenstein 148 Joerg Freudenstein Needs work
Mail notification on added/updated new content (Type: ISSUE TRACKER, EXTENSIONS,PROFILES and NODES) daniel.dieguez 237 daniel.dieguez Closed
The site is not able to send emails daniel.dieguez 238 daniel.dieguez Submitted