ITS Directive

European ITS Directive and ITS Action Plan

The European ITS directive (2010/40/EU) has created an international legal fundament for the technical specifications of road side ITS and telematics systems. Many of the priority areas and services mentioned in the directive are covered by DATEX II.

Directive 2010/40/EU of the European Parliament

These services include both traffic management and traffic information as well as services addressing the hauling industry (Intelligent Truck Parking). In this respect DATEX II is one of the fundamental steps in harmonisation that must be made to reach the directive’s ambitious goals. The DATEX II Deployment Guideline has been designed to describe the specific tasks of DATEX II in the framework of the EasyWay Deployment program and the ITS directive.

The usage of DATEX II for data exchange is mentioned in Delegated Regulations for priority actions

a) Multimodal travel information

b) Real-Time Traffic Information

c) Safety Related Traffic Information

e) Safe and Secure Truck Parking Information

as shown below:

ITS Directive Schema

The DATEX II v2.3 Truck Parking profile can be found here.