Profile Directory

A DATEX II system is composed of different publications which can be delivered with different Exchange PSM´s. Each DATEX II system builder chooses to implement the subset of couple publications - Functional Exchange Profile + Exchange Pattern (FEP + EP) implemented by an Exchange PSM based on his needs. This subset is called a “DATEX II profile”.

The need is to have profiles and options that allow DATEX II users to customize their implementations in order to provide more or less functionalities/facilities as necessary and not to be forced into implementing all the features. DATEX II allows every user to define a profile according to his own requirements whilst keeping interoperability on common parts (publications, operating modes) with other users.

In this Directory you can find all the profiles since version 2.0

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Version: 2.3
Title Country/Region Organization Profile object
Austrian Roadworks Profile AT ASFINAG SituationPublication
Austrian Traffic Data Profile AT ASFINAG MeasuredDataPublication,MeasurementSiteTablePublication
Austrian Traffic Messages Profile AT ASFINAG SituationPublication
Austrian Traffic Signs Profile AT ASFINAG VmsTablePublication, VmsPublication
Austrian Traffic Travel Times Profile AT ASFINAG ElaboratedDataPublication, PredefinedLocationsPublication
D2 ASFINAG profile Intelligent Truck Parking (Subset of Rest Areas, EU conform) Austria ASFINAG ParkingTablePublication
D2 ASFINAG profile Network Management (Superset, uses Ext. LinearByCoordinates) Austria ASFINAG SituationPublication, PredefinedLocationsPublication
D2 ASFINAG profile Rest Areas Austria ASFINAG ParkingTablePublication, ParkingStatusPublication
D2 ASFINAG profile Toll Austria ASFINAG Toll Publication
D2 ASFINAG profile Traffic Signs (VMS) Austria ASFINAG VMS Table Publication / VMS Publication