Extension Directory

DATEX II models can be extended using extensions. The following conditions must be kept in mind:

  • DATEX II can be extended with application specific extensions.
  • Extensions are recommended to be done in the UML model. Users are strongly discouraged to manually edit the generated schemas.
  • A level A model can be extended and will then become a Level B if the Level B extensions rules are respected. If not, the model will become a Level C model.

In here you can look into updated extensions.

For all requests related to the contents of the Extension Directory please send a message at helpdesk@datex2.eu

Version: 2.0 RC2
Title Country/Region Organization
CCTV Publications Extension Updated UK / England Highways Agency
Data Quality Publication Extension UK / England Highways Agency
Version: 2.0 RC1
Title Country/Region Organization
Catalogue Extension Germany GEVAS software GmbH
VMS Publication Extension Italy / England Autostrada per l'Italia and The Highways Agency (England)
Version: 1.0
Title Country/Region Organization
AgoraC extension Sweden Viati