Parking Publications Extension v1.0a

Submitted by Joerg Freudenstein on Friday, 26 September, 2014 - 15:15
Status definition refers to ISO 14817
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Important information:
The Parking Publications are already part of the most current DATEX Version 2.3.
Thus, there is no need to use the extension provided here, unless you use a version < 2.3.

Important version information:
Version 1.0 needed to be updated to Version 1.0a on 10th of October due to a small bugfix. All information on this site refers to the most current version 1.0a now. You can find the description of this latest change in the change-history document in the zip file.

This is version 1.0a of the Level B extension for three publications publishing parking information (ParkingTablePublication, ParkingStatusPublication and ParkingVehiclesPublication).
Topics covered by this extension are:

  • Parking sites (urban context or motorway / truck parking)
  • Group of parking sites (i.e. parking areas or aggregated information)
  • Parking spaces and goups of parking spaces
  • Assignments (vehicles, users, mixed usage by time, ....)
  • Opening times
  • Tariffs
  • Security
  • Services and equipment (each with tariffs, openening times, status)
  • Georeferencing (of facilitiies, parking spaces, groups of parking spaces or entrances/exits)
  • Occupancy information
  • Status information
  • Vehicle flow information / measurements

and many more details.

This extension will be part of the upcoming DATEX 2.3 version and is in progress to become standardised in CEN-TS 19157 part 6.

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AlbrechtConsult GmbH
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Jörg Freudenstein
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AlbrechtConsult is a consulting company specialised on planning, realisation and operation of systems related to traffic engineering. Within the last 10 years it has developed to become the leading independent IT and organisation consultant in the segment of road traffic systems, traffic management and telematics.

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