DUF 2016 Dublin - Why


Why the User forum

We are happy to see your interest in the DATEX II User Forum 2016, to be held 13 and 14 September 2016 in Trinity College conference Centre in Dublin Ireland.

Apart from the experienced and more technical users, we explicitly invite ‘new’ users at a management level to join this User Forum. You will be informed on the pros and cons of DATEX II, how to make best use of DATEX II, how to fulfil the obligations of the ITS Directive by using DATEX II. There will be ample room for direct conversations with your colleagues and representatives of the Commission and ITS industry.

DATEX II is THE service enabler for ITS services as the e-carrier traffic and travel data. The impact of the EU delegated acts on ITS, and the accelerating developments in connected and automated driving bring new challenges to all involved in the traffic information and traffic-management chains. The interdependency between both is getting tighter and stronger. In order to achieve all the promised features and expected impact of the new technologies, the required information needs to be in a common language throughout all visualizations for the target users. To achieve this DATEX II is the key languages to use! The importance of the developments has been recognized by DG-Move of the European commission and CEDR, the association of National Road Administrations. DG Move decide to award a grant for 5 years to develop DATEX II further in line with the newly emerging requirements, whereas CEDR they welcomed DATEX II to be part of their organization and thus providing a sound, sustainable organisational basis for the DATEX II organsiation.

The brand new, EU co-funded, 5-year program for DATEX II will enable these new developments to communicate reliable clear and unambiguous among the different traffic management and traffic information value chains!

Both for information managers, software and system developers the DATEX II User Forum is the place to exchange information about developments of the standard, but also learn about experiences and implementations using DATEX II. For the more experienced and technical users, the programme offers lots of possibilities to discuss the DATEX II state of the art, its many applications and its impact on the efficiency of traffic management and travel information. The DATEX II User Forum is designed to go beyond a mere presentation/listening format and strives to elicit the views of all community members. The successful technical hands-on session of the previous User Fora in Stockholm and Prague -where participants will be instructed how to work with DATEX’ model selection and profiling tools- will be continued and even enlarged.

There is ample time to share this knowledge in direct conversation during the Forum and especially at the evening event that is arranged around the famous Trinity College. And if you are really into the practical side of things, you have even the opportunity to participate in a hands-on workshop on DATEX II profiles and extensions. You will find the full program and all other helpful information on