Datex Forum 2012


In this page you can view and download the technical presentations held in the Datex II User forum.



Datex II User Forum 2012 Programme


Day 1 - 20 March 2012

Hands-on Workshop - (Room Spårvagnen)

How to create a Datex Profile/Extension - Jörg Freudenstein, AlbrechtConsult GmbH


Opening Plenary Session - (Room Spårvagnen)

Importance of EasyWay and Datex for EasyWay - Arne Lindeberg, EasyWay TCT
Datex in the Context of harmonised ITS Deployment - Pawel Stelmaszczyk, Head of Unit, European Commission
Introduction to the Forum Programme - Torsten Geißler, EasyWay ESG 5


Datex II & standardisation - (Room Spårvagnen)

Moderator: Torsten Geißler

Extending the Datex II Approach: Dangerous Goods Transport Regulations - Jon Harrod Booth, CEN TC 278 WG2
Datex II Lifecycle management: The organisation behind the standard, Bard de Vries, Datex II Strategic Group
Datex II & Cooperative Systems - Lan Lin, Hitachi Europe



Traffic Management & Private Services - (Room Spårvagnen)

Moderator: Bard de Vries

Traffic Management & navigation, Tim Lange, BMW AG
TMPs & Navigation, Alain Rème, CETE Méditerranée
Changing Roles in Traffic Management - Carlo van de Weijer, Tom Tom


Deployment part 1 - (Room Perrongen)

Moderator: Jose Garcia

Estabilishment of Datex II Road and Traffic Information Service in Norway - Kjersti Leiren Boag, Norwegian Public Road Administration
Finnish Datex II Node Implementation, Esa Östring, Infotripla Oy
Use of Datex II in the German Mobility Data Marketplace by local road authorities, Jörg Freudenstein, AlbrechtConsult GmbH
Datex II Experience in Portugal - Ricardo Fernandes, Armis


Day 2 - 21 March 2012


Deployment part 2 - (Room Spårvagnen)

Moderator: Bo Bjerkeholt

Swedish Datex II Services, Migrating to Version 2.0 - Karolina Hedberg, Swedish Transport administration / Viati
Deployment Issues in Information Chains, the Dutch Experience - Wim van Nifterick, ARS Traffic & Transport Technology BV
Spanish Datex II Deployment - Jose Garcia, LISITT


Tools & Modelling - (Room Perrongen)

Moderator: Loïc Blaive

Extensions in Datex II: How to adapt a standard to your needs - Jonas Jäderberg, Swedish Transport Administration / Viati
Datex II Exchange Specification - Ricardo Fernandes, Armis
Management of VMS in Emergency Situation among Motorway operators in Italy - Fabrizio Paoletti, Autostrade Tech S.p.A.


Datex II & Deployment Guidelines - (Room Spårvagnen)

Moderator: Fabrizio Paoletti

Introduction to the Deployment Guideline 2012 process - Josef Kaltwasser, EasyWay TCT
The User Experience: Using Datex II Profiles in Traffic Information and Management Deployments - Alain Rème, EasyWay ESG1/ESG2
How to use Datex II profiles in Deployment Guidelines - Bard de Vries, EasyWay ESG5


Datex II & Cooperative Systems - (Room Perrongen)

Moderator: Torsten Geißler

Practical Datex Experiences from multiple productive Environments - Sebastian Brandt, Heush/Boesefeldt GmbH
Cooperative systems: Can Datex II pave their Way? - Loïc Blaive – MEDDTL/SETRA
SCORE@F: The French C2X FOT - Vanbao Ta, CETE lle de France


Closing Plenary Session - (Room Spårvagnen)

Datex User Forum: Conclusions - Torsten Geißler, BASt


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