Version: 2.3
Title Country Organization
TrafficSignalStatus UTMC suppliers
DATEX Collaborative ITS Services and Traffic Management Plans Extension EU DATEX organisation
Version: 2.2
Title Country Organization
Parking Publications Extension v1.0a Germany AlbrechtConsult GmbH
Safety Related Messages Germany AlbrechtConsult GmbH
Linear By Coordinates Germany AlbrechtConsult GmbH
OpenLR Extension 1.5 Sweden, Netherlands Swedish Transport Administration, TomTom International B.V. Dutch National DataWarehouse for Traffic Information (NDW(
Version: 2.1
Title Country Organization
VMS Operational Exchange and TMP Management Italy IT Motorways DATEX group
Version: 2.0
Title Country Organization
LineString extension Sweden Viati
Road Infrastructure Publication Extension Portugal Armis - Sistemas de Informação, lda
Version: 2.0 RC2
Title Country Organization
Data Quality Publication Extension UK / England Highways Agency